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Monte San Savino – Tuscany – Italy


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This musical education project is conducted within normal school hours for all students between the ages of 9 and 14 starting in junior school and continuing into middle school. During their one hour a week music lessons in the junior school and two hours a week in the middle school all students learn to play a wind or percussion instrument together sufficient to form a class band. The more motivated students then form a school band of up to 50 members. 

The project was initiated by the president of the school - Iacopo Maccioni:

“Music, a forming element for every youngster, engages them in different ways but always as an enrichment. Students do their best when they play an active part and feel valued in their capacities and expectations. The school unfortunately often ignores “diverse” abilities and seemingly does not know how to manage and grow them. This project musically..minded is positioned right in this dark zone with the objective to bring to light the passion and talent that would otherwise remain hidden - examples we have since the project started are many. Our biggest worry is that all this could collapse and finish: the project is tied to individual people and not to the wider institutional educational system. For this reason we hope the project is taken up elsewhere so it cannot be ignored and a structure is created that functions independently of chance.” 

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